Fogh Marine offers custom embroidery on virtually all apparel. Whether you are looking for a single piece, gear for the crew, or regalia for your regatta, Fogh Marine can put a logo or text on your selected clothing from T-Shirts to Foul Weather Jackets.

There are Two Ways To Customize Your Clothing:

  • Add Text To A Garment - This method allows you to add a sail number, boat name, crew name or any other text to a piece of apparel. A less expensive option but the quality of the embroidery is not as crisp as a digitized image.
  • Send Us Your Logo Or Graphic - This method allows a simple image including text to be added to your apparel. The digitized image is clearer than the text version but there is an additional set-up fee for converting your art to an embroidery format.

What Can Be Embroidered?

We offer embroidery as a service and will embroider any new clothing purchased at Fogh Marine.

Really, anything fabric can be embroidered but there are definite limitations when considering what should be embroidered and where.

  • Waterproof Materials - Punching a thousand tiny holes in a foul weather jacket or pant will definitely reduce the effectiveness of the garment when bad weather hits. If you want your foul weather gear to be waterproof don't embroider your logo on it. If you aren't concerned then go ahead.
  • Reinforced Fabric - Reinforcing patches on jackets and dinghy gear are too tough for the embroidery needles to punch through. It is not possible to embroider this type of material.
  • Interior Pockets and Breast Pockets - If your embroidered logo is going over a pocket the machine will stitch through all layers and, as you no doubt guessed, will make the pocket unusable.
  • Caps and Visors - Caps can be embroidered on the front. Unfortunately, Visors do not have enough material for our machine to embroider.

Where Can I Embroider On My Garment?

In simple terms you can embroider anywhere on a shirt, short, or jacket that is more than 50mm from an edge. We have the ability to embroider areas up to 300mm wide by 200mm high if the garment allows. Unfortunately, at this time we have no way to embroider on sleeves so embroidery is limited to the front and back of the garment.

Caps can be embroidered on the front

For more information please see the images below.

Embroidery Area For Front of Shirt Embroidery Area For Back Of Shirt Embroidery Area For Caps Embroidery Area For Shorts Embroidery Fonts

Suggested Clothing for Embroidery


Text and Logo Setup - One Time Charge

Setup Type Description Price
Simple Logo Logo has clean simple lines and uses 3 or fewer colours and can easily be converted to a stitch file. $40.00
Complex Logo Logo has slightly more complex shapes and uses up to 6 colours but it is still possible to convert it to a stitch file without heavy modifications. $50.00
Detailed Logo Logo is a photo or busy image or has too many colours and will require a lot of modification before it can be converted to a stitch file.
Note: This is based on availability and may not be possible during the summer months.

We keep all stitch files for two years, additional garments are not charged the setup fee. If you are not sure if your design is simple, complex, or detailed email us the graphic and we will be happy to let you know.

Embroidery and Garment Pricing

Quantity Embroidery Charge Clothing Pricing

$10.00 - $15.00

Retail Price

$10.00 - $15.00

10% Discount
21 or more

$10.00 - $15.00

15% Discount
Regatta Regalia
(with 40 piece commitment)
Call For Details Call For Details

Embroidered Clothing Examples

Gill Polo with i14 Worlds Logo Ball-Cap.jpg Crew-Jacket.jpg Long-Sleeve-Tee.jpg Polo.jpg Shorts.jpg