2011 RS Vision

The RS Vision (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/RS_Vision) is an ideal boat to span from learning to sail up to competitive mixed-class racing. The cockpit is roomy for a boat of this length and the high boom and inverted vang make it very safe and comfortable. The hull shape and weight make it is extremely stable. It is self-bailing and comes up dry if recovering from a capsize.

It can be sailed single-handed by an adult, double handed by two adults, or sailed by two or three kids in appropriate conditions. The current owners found it ideal for a parent teaching a child sailing and then later racing. When the children were small they also took the entire family of four out in it. The PE3 hull is forgiving because it is nearly indestructible, so you don't need to be concerned about bumps on a dock or even beaching and minor collisions. There's enough sail area to get around on light wind days, but with a furling jib and reefing mainsail it is also safe in heavy wind.

This boat includes:

  • All sails and lines, with sailbags:
  • Asymmetric spinnaker (purple)
  • Roller-furling jib
  • Dacron mainsail
  • Top cover
  • Crew trapeze
  • Aluminum Dynamic dolly
  • Steel road trailer with spare tire
It is serial number US-FLPX1589D111 from 2011 and has had two owners. It has been stored it in a garage during the winter and kept the jib down (instead of furled) except when sailing in the summer to minimize UV exposure. The jib and spinnaker are in excellent condition and have been replaced from the original. The dacron mainsail and foils are original and show ten years of use, but we were successfully racing on them this summer and felt no need to replace them. The hull has never taken on any water as it is a single rotomolded piece. We've replaced and maintained all deck fittings in excellent condition. The aluminum rig and stays are in good condition.

The RS Vision is currently located at Conestoga Sailing Club just north of Kitchener-Waterloo, on the road trailer. The buyer can pick up there or it can be delivered within 60 km.

The photos were taken this summer and show the current state of the boat, except for the mast-down trailer photo, which is older to show how it looks when trailering. An Allen keyball trapeze is shown n the photos but has been restored with the standard trapeze loops for selling the boat.

Listed At: $ 4,750.00

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