2003 PS2000 Byte Sailboat

The Byte is a fun, responsive, single sailed boat ideal for youth or lighter weight adults. Similar in design to the Laser the Byte has deck mounted controls for the cunningham and outhaul.

This Byte is not complete. It is missing a rudder, the tiller with extenstion, and a complete sail and mast system. Many of the lines will need replacement. It does include a board bag and a mast storage bag.

If using a CII rig the Byte will need:

  • upper mast
  • CII mylar sail

If using the original sleeved sail rig it will need:

  • lower mast
  • upper mast

Parts are still available for the boat.

Boat is located at Port Credit Yacht Club in Mississauga

Listed At: $ 750.00

Contact: Thomas at Contact Us by phone 905 278-7911 x241