Sailboat Rigging Is An Important Part Of Your Boat's Systems.

Halyards and Sheets should be inspected often for wear and replaced when visible signs of wear become significant.

A splice is a clean and simple way to add a loop in the end of a line, be it a halyard, sheet, or control line. The advantages of a splice over a knot are primarily a cleaner appearance, a higher working load, it is less susceptible to snagging on other rigging, and it is more permanent. Anyone can learn to splice; all it requires is the correct tools, the instructions for the type of rope you are working with and the patience to learn the techniques involved.

Wire Rigging is one of the most overlooked systems on most boats. People often assume that if the mast is up then everything is ok. All it takes is one failure to cause serious issues. Wire rigging (shrouds and stays) should be checked often for wear and damage