DescriptionDiameterLine TypeLengthQty
Halyard 3/16" 5mm Covered Dyneema 25' 1
Mainsheet 5/16" 7mm Rooster Rope 32' 1
Control Lines
Cunningham 1/8" 3mm Covered Dyneema 11' 1
Outhaul 1/8" 3mm Covered Dyneema 23' 1
Cunningham Tie 5/32" 4mm Prestretch Polyester 1' 1
Daggerboard Retainer 1/4" 6mm Shockcord 7' 1
Sail Ties 3/32" 2.5mm Covered Dyneema 1' 32
Sail Corner Ties 3/32" 2.5mm Covered Dyneema 1' 8" 4

These Line Length Guides are based on current production boats, all lengths stated here are not guaranteed to be correct for your particular setup. If you are not sure what you require please call or email us at Contact Us and we will help you identify or estimate the ideal length, diameter and type of line for your application.