If you need Grip over Durability these Gill Grip Gloves will let you hold lines better than anything else I've ever tried

Gill Grip Goves

I've been wearing various incarnations of the Gill grip glove for the last 4 years. I am a weekly training partner on a 49er and these are the best performance gloves I have ever worn. My pairs (yes, I meant to use the plural) all have the fingertips cut off but have not been modified in any other way. The crew constantly sheets the main on each upwind, if I don't cut off the tips I find the glove often catches on the line.

I love these gloves for two reasons:

  • The grip is incredible. The soft rubber finish really grabs the rope, reducing muscle fatigue, which is really important when on the wire, sheeting for all you are worth during a long upwind. Our spinnaker halyard is a 5mm spectra. When I go to hoist I don't struggle with the halyard, it does not slip through my fingers as I am trying to raise the sail.
  • The price. Each pair costs less than $10.00, so is an economical choice, especially for people who can't hold on to their gloves for more than a week.

The disadvantage to the glove is the durability. If you are sailing hard the glove will last a weekend or so but ... you'll have good grip while they work. 

If I was sailing on a keelboat or training on a Laser or similar sailboat I might use these gloves for the regattas but would want to have a pair of normal sailing gloves for around the cans racing and weekends relaxing on the boat but, sailing on a skiff, these gloves are the only ones I want to wear.

On the 49er, I thank Gill everyime I step foot on the boat. These gloves have saved me from carpal tunnel syndrome or repetitive stress disorder or at the very least make each evening of sailing about the sail ... not the pain

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