Everything you need to know about Kaenon sunglasses and what makes them different - and worth the price.

Kaenon has been around since 2001 and produces incredible eyewear for both on and off the water; be it prescription eyewear or sunglasses. Teams and athletes in all different sports arenas, like sailing, baseball, golf and stand up paddle boarding seem to be wearing them increasingly more these days. Teams like the Toronto Blue Jays and Team Vestas Wind (Volvo Ocean Race) are rocking them and athletes like Ray Davies, Tactician for Emirates Team New Zealand, and Sally Bakow, Driver/Trimmer for Team SCA competing in the Volvo Ocean Race 2014/2015, are wearing them as well.

When discussing sailing gear it is important to remember that gear for your eyes is just as important as gear for your body. Polarized sunglasses are, I would argue, an essential part of your sailing gear. Why? Because protecting your eyes from the UV rays and glare off the water is essential to protecting your eye health and assisting your performance on the water.

So what makes Kaenon different from other big name eyewear companies? The SR-91 lens. The SR-91 lens provides the clarity of glass and the durability of polycarbonate while still being light weight, providing UVA & UVB protection, and blocking out glare. How is one lens able to do all of this? Because Kaenon has developed and tested the lens for years in order to produce the best lens for an active lifestyle. The lens was originally produced to help sailors read the breeze on the water – no wonder sailors love them. The top level polarization featured in the SR-91 lens is due to the filter Kaenon calls Glare 86. Using Light Transmission Control technology (developed by Kaenon), the Glare 86 filter only lets in the light essential to the environment that you are performing in.

There are 4 lens tints offered by Kaenon, with each having varying gradations to choose from.

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The letter represents the tint while the number represents how much light is transmitted.

The darker the tint, the less light gets transmitted. Meaning? The darker tint allows you to see things how they actually are without the colour perception being altered.

The lighter the tint, the more light transmitted. Meaning? The lighter tints adjust the colour, details, and depth perception to ensure you see everything as accurately as possible.

For sailing, Kaenon recommends the use of C12, B12, and G12 for days when its bright out. Why? The darkest lenses should be used for bright light because if it's already bright out a lot of light does not need to be transmitted in so low light transmission is ideal. The darker lenses also help block the glare from the water and reduce the amount of squinting your eyes are prone to do in bright light. For the not so cheery days on the water when it is raining, overcast, and miserable, Kaenon recommends using lighter lenses for low light, such as Y35, C28, and C50. Why? Because lighter lens tints are better for low light conditions since they allow more light to be transmitted. Meaning? The lighter lenses allow essential light in to help heighten the recognition of detail through enhanced colour and high colour contrast.

It’s not just the lenses that make Kaenon’s so great but the frame material is also on point. TR-90 frame material is a light weight material that is durable, retains its shape, and is temperature resistant; meaning your frames are made to last.

When I was first introduced to Kaenon sunglasses three years ago by friends and colleagues – who all seemed to own them – I thought they were cool and light weight in design with a plethora of style options to choose from. It wasn’t until I bought a pair of my own, the women's 'Maya', that I fully grasped how amazing these sunglasses were. First time I wore them was out sailing one weekend and I immediately noticed the clarity of the lenses. I’ve had other polarized sunglasses that have cost me a fortune but none of them have produced the level of clarity and glare reduction the way my Kaenon’s did. The performance alone of the glasses that day made me a happy girl but the comfort and style of the glasses got me hooked for life.

Additionally, they’re beyond durable and this is coming from a girl who throws everything into her bag and is notorious for being clumsy and dropping things – no scratches, nicks, or dents on my Kaenon’s. My boyfriend’s dropped his Kaenon’s on concrete, gravel, sat on them, had them thrown below deck and they’ve withstood it all.

My Kaenon’s have lived up to my standards off the water as well. I’ve worn them for every outdoor workout and run I’ve done and no sweat or water has tarnished my frames or lenses – glorious. How is this possible? It’s due to the fact that all SR-91 lenses have a hydrophobic coating on the first and last layer of the lens to help water and other liquids shed from the lens surface.

Kaenon's provide clarity, comfort, style and durability. Who doesn't want that?

Fogh Marine sells both men’s and women’s frames. Check out our website or come by the store today and try a pair on for yourself.

Customer Feedback:

"Kaenons consistently meet and exceed the needs of the sailor wearing then. Whether it's protection against the sun or eye protection when something breaks Kaenons are the best eye wear around. Worth the money every day of the week."

- Matt Wallace, owns 2 pairs of Hard Kore frames, J24, Melges20, Melges32 sailor

"The first time I tried on a pair of Kaenons I knew I could never go back. The lenses are the crispest I’ve ever seen and all the frames I’ve tried on are lightweight and snug. When any puff or shift can make the difference between first and last, having polarized Kaenon lenses is the only way to go."

- Clifton Kartner, wears X-Kore model, Queen's Sailing Team, Fraser Digicel Match Racing, and Shake N' Bake Racing

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