The tell tale signs that Spring is in the air and sailing season is around the corner which means one thing - launch is coming.

1. Show season is over.

As much fun as the shows are, we're really okay with not having to pack, set up, tear down and re-assemble the store every few weeks. Our backs' need a break.

2. Skids of VC17 Arrive.

Everywhere you look, cans of VC17 are there - the stock room, the showroom floor, mail orders - YOU CAN'T ESCAPE IT!

3. Painting supplies are a part of every purchase.

Rollers on rollers on rollers - oh and brushes too! Can't restock them fast enough.

4. Customers arrive in painting gear to get that 1 more can of antifouling paint they said they didn't need.

Happens every year without fail. Seriously.

5. "Squeak, Squeak, Squeak" fills the air as customers roam the aisles in wet boots.

6. Customers hands are covered in paint and/or antifouling paint.

7. Foul weather gear is stocked in abundance, in every size & colour.

It takes over the clothing section of the stockroom. Everyone comes in for warm gear. Most popular item during this time? SALOPETTES.

8. Cam's work bench is overflowing with rigging orders and customers' lines.

Seriously orange pieces of paper (aka rigging order forms) are EVERYWHERE.

9. Staff product knowledge sessions with distributors become more frequent.

Hello learning! You become a sponge - absorbing it all - feeling like an industry expert by the end of the day.

This also means Timbits make a regular appearance. #sugarush

10. The boats move onto the front lawn.

Moving the boats and kayaks out to the lawn every morning and taking them back in at the end of the day becomes part of the daily routine. (Hello exercise!)

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