Gift Suggestions For The One Who Has It All.

They're probably the hardest the shop for. The ones who make you question your decision, not once but twice. The one who you always get a gift receipt for. The one you hold your breathe for while they unwrap the gift you got them. You know who I'm talking about - the one who has it all. Whether they're a sailor (racer or cruiser), paddler or angler, they're still hard to shop for when they have it all. 

"They have everything."

"They just buy it themselves."

"They own half the store."

"Oh I don't know..Don't they have that?....I'll just get them a gift card!"

Some of the most common phrases murmured at Fogh when shopping for that tricky someone. Well I'm about to make shopping for that particular bunch, hopefully, a bit easier with a gift guide on what to get the one who has it all. And, well, if it doesn't help then may the force be with you in finding something (or go the gift card route). 

Ship's Bell 

Ship's Bell Chrome

Just a little touch of nautical style. No home is complete without it. I mean really, how much more nautical can you get besides anchor print and blue & white stripes. 

Available in Chrome,  6in or 8in

Available in Brass,  6in or 8in

Price varies according to size.

Hat Clips 

Harken Hurricane Clip

They may claim they have one or many but chances are they're probably lost somewhere never to be found again; or it's only attached to one specific hat. Having a hat clip that is not permanently attached to a cap, allows them versatility in what cap they wear - tilly vs. traditional or visor vs. ball cap.   

Price: $5.99


ZBlok Cream

If they're water people then chances are they've heard of Zblok or at least know that zinc is one of the most popular forms of sun protection for when out on the water. Why? It doesn't burn your eyes, it's not greasy and it works. So why gift it for the one who has it all? Well besides the fact that it works (even if you burn easily), you can never have too much sun block! Besides it's is the perfect size to throw in a drybag or PFD pocket (if you get the stick version). 

Price: $17.95

Also available in a  stick

D-Splicer Kit 

D-Splicer Kit

Splicing yourself or at least knowing the very basics is becoming a thing of the past. But we still think it never hurts to know the very basics. The D-Splicer Kit is an awesome kit for the rookie or the pro, especially those who use smaller diameter line as it's ideal to use with line less than 4mm. Plus the storage tube keeps everything together when it's not being used! 

Price: $69.95

Joi Light 

Joi Light LED Lamp

Perfect for home, cottage or boat. The Joi Light consists of eight bright LED lights that are powered by a single tea light candle. Seriously, no power cord or batteries required - the small tea light powers all the LED lights.

Pretty snazzy right? 

Price: $99.95

Boatswain's Pipe Chrome 

Authentic Boatswain's Pipe

Because why not. 

And hey it can be a great tool to annoy people with (not that we're encouraging that) or waking teenagers up in the morning, hello - lots happens before noon! It's a cool and unique piece to have!

Each pipe supplied with a certificate of authenticity and instruction for use.

Price: $29.95

O'Keeffe's Working Hands 

Working Hands

The best hand cream to aide cracked and/or severely dry skin. Whether paddler or sailor or both, hands take a beating out on the water against the elements. Cracked hands helps relieve the pain and cracks that can result from working on the boat and/or being out in harsh conditions. 

Price: $9.50 

Also available for feet. 

Optimum Time OS Series 16 Sailing Watch 

OS Series 16 Watch The top-of-the rang watch that looks as great in the clubhouse as it does on the boat. Polished stainless steel case with interchangeable leather and silicone rubber straps included (Both are water resistant). The OS Series 16 also features luminescent back light, 3 row display to show time and timer together and massive digits in the final minute of countdown. 

Sailing Functions Include:
5,4,1,0 sequence of 5 min or 4 min or 1 min programs with audible alarm
Countdown and repeat or Countdown and up
5 minutes and 3 minute pre-programmed options
User selectable 1 minute periods – ideal for match racing
SYNC button for instant synchronisation if a gun is missed
Count up from zero
5 ATM water resistance with HydroLock™ dual-seal-technology

Who wouldn't want to wear this on their wrist everyday? Sleek and Sophisticated in design with all the desired sailing functions a sailor could want. Match made in heaven! 

Price: $264.95

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  2. Axon Clarke:
    Mar 11, 2019 at 06:03 AM

    True thing is its always hard find any gift they haven't had before. I too was facing this exact problem. So, thank you for making this list. Some are too good to not try out. Much love !

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