Quick & Easy Guide on How to Fit a Wetsuit.

Fitting a wetsuit can sometimes be a tricky thing. Besides getting them on and off, making sure a wetsuit is the correct size and feels good can be a task in and of itself. 

Wetsuits' should have a snug but not restrictive fit to them. They should be comfortable (as comfortable as wetsuits can be) so you can concentrate on your sailing rather than your gear. There should not be gaps of extra material around key points, like the back of the suit, the armhole, knees or crotch. Gaps mean the suit won't perform to it's optimum level. You want the suit to be snug against your body so only a thin layer of water is between you and your suit. 

How do you know if it fits? Perform a movement test. Bend down, squat and move around like you normally would in your boat and make sure that no parts of the suit pinch when you move. Reinforced knee should line up with your knee cap, e.g. not at the bottom of your knee cap or lining up with your shin.

We usually get asked what to wear underneath wetsuits and really when it comes down to it, it's a personal choice. We do recommend wearing a rash guard of some form, either long or short sleeve, underneath, to help prevent against rashes and provide a layer for warmth on colder days. A cotton tee is a big no no underneath a wetsuit as it will defeat the purpose of the suit. Cotton tee's absorb water and provide no breathability.

There are many different styles when it comes to wetsuits' so here's a quick guide on what is what.

Steamer - Full sleeves and bottoms.

Gul Response Flatlock Steamer

Shorti - Short sleeves that hit mid bicep and short bottoms that hit mid thigh. 

Gul Reponse Womens Shorti

Also available in  Junior sizing

Farmer John (Long John) - Full legs with no sleeves. 

Gul Flatlock Wetsuit

Gul Response Womens Long John

Benefit: no upper body mobility restriction - arms & shoulders have complete freedom. Can layer a wetsuit jacket over top for colder times. 

Also available in Junior sizing. 

Skiff Suit - Full legs with no sleeves. More padding in knees & rear, usually no zippers and features stretchier material. 

Zhik Microfleece Skiff Suit Women

Zhik Microfleece Skiff Suit Men

Zhik SuperWarm Skiff Suit

Zhik SuperWarm Skiff Suit

Pants - Full length bottoms that can be mixed and matched with other gear throughout the season. Can wear spandex pants over top to help protect material against non-skid on deck. Great versatility! 

Zhik Microfleece Pant

Sea Metalite Skiff Pants

Zhik Orspan Pants

Top - Full length arms, some with a front zip and some without. Awesome layering piece that can be paired with other gear throughout the season. Great versatile piece!

Gul Bolero Jacket Wmns

Zhik Orspan Top

Sea Ultra Warm Top Long Sleeve

Gul Response Mens Bolero Jacket

Louisa's Tip: The styles with full legs to them (i.e. steamer, farmer john, skiff suit or pants) allow you to tuck the ends into your booties so you can keep your ankles warm and create a seal from your toes to chest. 

For more info on sizing, check out our sizing charts on our website!

More questions? Sure. Give us a call at 416-251-0384, send us an Contact Us or drop by the store. Any Fogh Marine employee would be happy to assist you! 

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