Great suggestions on footwear for kayaking!

Whether you're launching from rocks or a sandy beach, going out to fish or just for a quick paddle, it's always good to have the right footwear on to protect your feet! With lots of options to choose from today, and being the shoe aficionado that I am, I've put together a list of great footwear options for kayakers! 

Sperry SON-R Feedback Bungee

Sperry SON-R Feedback Bungee

The SON-R Feedback Bungee features Sperry Top-Sider SON-R Technology™ that heightens your natural sensory responses to help you feel, think and react to all heart-pounding conditions, land or water. SON-R enhances proprioception by enabling your body to gain improved awareness of what is happening beneath your feet. Additionally it has great breathability thanks to the hydrophobic mesh linings and toe + heel protection. 

Price: $49.95

Sperry SON-R Sounder 

Sperry SON-R Sounder

The Sounder is the ultimate shoe designed for the use in, on and around the water. It features SON-R Technology™ and Hydro Grip™ in the outsole delivering maximum traction, stability and agility on all kinds of terrain! The upper portion of the shoe features nylon and mesh linings for ultra-fast drying, anti-microbial linings to help minimize odor and internal drainage ports that allow water to escape more quickly for drier feet. Plus the bungee makes it easy to slip on and off while still providing a secure fit for all day wear! 

Price: $99.00

Sperry H20 Escape Bungee

Sperry H20 Escape

The amphibious, ultra-lightweight design enhances comfort for all-day wear. The H20 Escape Bungee is great for boating, sailing and multi-watersports like kayaking! It features Adaptive Wave-Siping™ in the outsole that disperses water under your foot, through the outsole design, allowing for great grip on wet surfaces and reduction of slippage. Even better, it has a removable perforated footbed that can be taken out at the end of the dry to dry! The bungee rather than laces means you don't have to worry about laces coming undone and tripping plus the bungee makes the H20 easy to take on and off! 

Price: $79.00

Sperry Ricochet Bungee 

Sperry Womens Ricochet

Available in both men's and women's, the Ricochet Bungee is a fantastic lightweight water shoe that features excellent traction and sensory feedback for crossing rugged, rocky shorelines. Thanks to the SON-R Technology™, stability is increased and balanced enhanced making it perfect for all types of terrain that your adventures take you on! It features Adaptive Wave-Siping™ and Hydro Grip™ to enhanced maximum traction while H20 Evac in the outsole allows water to escape - no water logging here!

Price: $79.97

Sperry Ping Open Sailcloth 

Sperry SON-R Ping Women

How cute are these! It's hard to find function and fashionable water shoes these days that aren't clunky or heavy. Go from land to water and back again with style, ease and comfort with the Ping Open Sailcoth. Just because you're kayaking, doesn't mean you can't be fashionable! 

Price: $49.95

The great thing about all these shoes is that they're versatile! You can wear them for kayaking or as a water shoe for family vacations down south or up north in the summer. They all have great grip, protection and breathability that will keep you and your feet happy for years to come! 

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