Spinlock tethers broken down by model.

Tethers. One of the biggest items I dread most in the store. Why? There's a bunch of different models and how exactly they work is (honestly) a bit confusing if you've never used one. Thus I decided to do a blog post exploring the tethers, specifically Spinlock tethers, that Fogh Marine sells and how exactly they work. I figured if I want to know more, you probably do too. Remember - sharing is caring!

First off, Spinlock refers to tethers as safety lines and second, they are generally lighter weight than others on the market, by up to 50%. Why? Because the clip itself is lighter and so is the line used (16mm rather than 25mm) making it more comfortable for longer periods of wear. 

Fogh Marine sells five different models of Spinlock tethers. All are lightweight and compact for ease of comfort and use. All of them also feature an overload indicator that lets you know when the maximum load (500kgs) has been exceeded and/or the tether is starting to deteriorate and needs replacing. All of them are also ISAF (International Sailing Association Federation)/ORC (Offshore Racing Council) compliant. 

To attach, put loop through your D-Rings/Safety Harness and then pull clip and line through. The clip then attaches to points on boat. See below for pictures. 

If you're going to be spending a lot of time using your tether then it's worthwhile to invest in one from the beginning. 

1 Loop & 1 Clip Safety Line (DW-STR/2L)

2-Clip Elastic Safety Tether

Great entry level tether. 

Features 1 loop (cow hitch attachment) and 1 clip with no elastic. 

Price: $73.50

1 Loop & 1 Clip Elastic Safety Line (DW-STR-2LE)

1 loop & 1 Clip Elastic Safety Line

Features 1 loop (cow hitch attachment) and 1 clip WITH elastic.

Benefit of elastic is that it helps the safety line from sitting/dragging on the deck as you move around the boat and thus staying away from your feet. Helps keep your walking area free of tripping hazard (from your safety line). 

Price: $79.95

2 Clip Elastic Safety Line (DW-STR02E) 

Features 2 clips WITH elastic.

One clip goes onto your D-Rings/Safety Harness and the other clips to your attachment point on the boat. 

Price: 79.95 

2 Clip & 1 Loop Elastic Safety Line (DW-STR/3L)

2 Clip & 1 Link Elastic Safety TetherFeatures 2 attachment point clips and 1 loop (cow hitch attachment). One of the clip lines is longer, 2m/6ft, and elastic while the other clip line is shorter with NO elastic. Allows for choice & variation in how far you can move from your attachment point (while clipped on). 

The benefit of 2 clips is that you can clip onto your forward attachment point before unclipping your back attachment. This way you always have at least 1 clip attached to the boat as your move around.

Price: $99.00

3 Clip Safety Line (DW-STR/03)

3 Clip Safety Tether

Features 3 clips, NO loop attachment. 

1 Clip attaches to your D-Rings/Safety Harness.

2 Clips for moving attaching to the boat. One of these clips features a longer line that is elastic while the other is shorter and non-elastic. 

Some people find the clip easier to attach to their D-Rings/Safety Harness rather than the cow loop attachment that requires you to loop the clips through the cow loop & D-Rings/Safety Harness. 

Price: $105.00*

*Special Order 

Below Evan shows us how to attach the Spinlock 2 Clip & 1 Loop Elastic Safety Line (tether) to the Spinlock Auto Inflate Deckvest 5D. 

Step 1: Put loop (cow hitch attachment) end through your D-Rings/Safety Harness attachment point.

Step 2: Pull clip(s) through loop

Step 3: Pull tight

All done! 

Questions? No problem! Give us a call at 416-251-0384, send us an  Contact Us or drop on by the store! Any Fogh Marine employee would be happy to assist you!

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