In's and Out's of stand up paddle boards from the folks at Fogh Marine.

Whether you call them SUPs or stand up paddle boards, Fogh Marine's got them.  With that said, there's a lot of options (can you tell we like to give you lots of variety?). 

We have a variety of SUPs from Boadworks Surf and Hobie, both based out of California. Each board has a recommended use and capacity. With that in mind let's take a look at our SUP selection and see what board is best for you!* 

Transport Canada does require you to have a PFD on board while paddling a stand up paddle board, as they consider it a human powered vessel. A leash is encouraged, both by Fogh Marine and Transport Canada. For more regulations & guidelines on SUPs from Transport Canada, see here

*Not every model will be profiled in the blog. Please see our website for our full selection. 

Seeking the perfect introductory SUP that is great for the entire family? Look no further:

Boardworks B-Ray 

Soft top & rails make it super comfortable, durable and safe for hours of SUP fun on the water! 

Boardworks B-Ray 10'6

  Boardworks B-Ray 11'6

10'6 Length                                                                                 11'6 Length 

Novice: up to 195lbs                                                              Novice: up to 245lbs

Intermediate: up to 215lbs                                                    Intermediate: up to 270lbs

Advanced: Up to 260lbs                                                        Advanced: up to 300lbs

Hobie Dura Glide 

A fusion of performance, stability and durability, the Dura Glide series is perfect for entry to intermediate paddlers. Featuring a super stable design with perfect rocker to maximize glide and performance. 

Hobie Dura Glide

10'10 Length 

Beginner: 225lbs

Intermediate: 250lbs

Advanced: 275lbs 

*Replaces the  DuraSUP

Also a great option and choice: Joy Ride or Super Natural 

If you're looking for a recreational SUP that is stable, multi-user friendly, great for doing yoga on or taking the kids or pets out for a quick trip any of the following SUPs would be a fantastic fit:

Boardworks Joy Ride 

Designed with stability and fun in mind. These boards are sure to please the paddler looking for a stable platform, perfect for beginners transitioning through advanced levels. 

Joyride 9'11 Purple

9'11 Length                                                                                      10'11 Length

Novice: up to 190lbs                                                                   Novice: up to 245lbs

Intermediate: up to 210lbs                                                         Intermediate: up to 270lbs

Advanced: Up to 250lbs                                                             Advanced: up to 300lbs

Psst..looking for an SUP that is solely for yoga? Check out the Joyride Flow.

Hobie EVA-lution

Extremely user friendly and performance oriented. Thanks to the full deck EVA padding, the advantage is a board perfect for everyday usage under a full spectrum of paddling environments. Providing additional traction when needed, and added durability in vulnerable areas. Light weight, strong and performs extremely well in all conditions and is priced right for those on a budget. 

Hobie EVA-lution 10'

Hobie EVA-lution 10'6

10' Length                                                                                 10'6 Length 

Beginner: 170lbs                                                            Beginner: 130lbs

Intermediate: 205lbs                                                      Intermediate: 205lbs

Advanced: 2225lbs                                                        Advanced: 225lbs

Hobie ATR-II

The ATR II- All Terrain Ride is a great design for all conditions. If you are cruising on fresh water lakes, exploring salt water flats or surfing, the ATR II is the perfect board for the occasion!

Hobie ATR-II 10' Aqua

Hobie ATR-II 11' Red

10' Length                                                                               11' Length 

Beginner: 170lbs                                                                Beginner: 200lbs

Intermediate: 205lbs                                                          Intermediate: 215lbs

Advanced: 225lbs                                                              Advanced: 230lbs 

Wanting an SUP with surf abilities? Check out these:

Hobie Kraken 

The 11' length is brand new for 2015! The new length allows for increased glide. It also features a pulled in nose and tail with thinned out rails for excellent performance in the surf.     

Boardworks Kraken 11'

Boardworks Kraken 11' Red

11' Length                                                                                            11' Length 

Novice: up to 220lbs                                                                    Novice: up to 220lbs

Intermediate: up to 240lbs                                                          Intermediate: up to 240lbs

Advanced: up to 290lbs                                                              Advanced: up to 290lbs 

Boardworks Super Natural 

Surf surfing? Super Natural is great for that thanks to it's stability and glide. It can also be used for recreational/cruising paddlers!

Super Natural 10'6

Super Natural 11'6

10'6 Length                                                                             11'6 Length 

Novice: up to 190lbs                                                          Novice: up to 245lbs

Intermediate: up to 210lbs                                                Intermediate: up to 270lbs

Advanced: up to 250lbs                                                    Advanced: up to 300lbs 

Also a good choice: the Hobie Venture.

If you're looking to go longer distances and/or cover more rugged terrain (e.g. paddle through wavier bodies of water), any of the following SUPs would be a great choice:

Hobie Venture 

Fusion of racing, distance, touring and surf features resulting in a board that can go almost anywhere in a variety of conditions. 

12'4 Length 

Beginner: 250lbs

Intermediate: 260lbs 

Advanced: 285lbs 

*Only available in red. Blue is special order. 

Tip: If you intended to use your SUP on a wavier and/or choppier body of water then it's a good idea to have a board with a piercing bow (rather than a rounder bow) as it allows you to break through the waves easier. 

Looking for an inflatable SUP? Yup, we have those too!

The Hobie Inflatable Series makes stand up paddling easy, fun, and portable. All Hobie inflatables include heavy-duty backpack/storage bag, pump w. gauge, EXP 3 piece paddle, and repair kit. 

Hobie Adventure 

10'8 Length 

Beginner: 200lbs

Intermediate: 220lbs 

Advanced: 250lbs 

Hobie Dura Coaster 

Perfect for paddlers who only want the basics with great performance and versatility.

Hobie Coaster 10'

10' Length 

Beginner: 140lbs

Intermediate: 165lbs

Advanced: 180lbs 

Have questions or want to chat with a Fogh Marine staff member about the perfect board for you? No problem! Give us a call at 416-251-0384, send us an Contact Us" target="_blank">email or drop on by the store! Any Fogh Marine staff member would be happy to assist you!

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