Fitting Guide for Personal Flotation Devices.

Oh the joys of fitting a Personal Flotation Device (PFD). It's fun, a little awkward and a whole lotta necessary! Having a PFD that fits you properly is not only a key safety necessity but also let's you enjoy your time on the water more and focus on whatever activity you're doing! 

We at Fogh Marine are use to fitting people, of all ages and sizes, for a PFD so why not share the knowledge and help everyone be an informed shopper/buyer! 

There's one thing we need to address first - adult PFD's are sized according to chest size not weight, unless it is a child PFD in which case it is sized according to weight. 

Now, let's get to it! 

Evan and help help model how to fit a PFD (thanks guys!) with the Salus Regatta PFD.

Step 1: Put PFD on and zip up zipper. 

Step 2: Adjust side straps, evenly, on both sides (take turns adjusting each side). 

Step 3: Adjust shoulder straps so there is no loose material and PFD does not ride up over the chest, with the straps going past the ears. 

<--- You don't want the shoulder straps to be loose like this so make sure to snug them up!

Step 4: Adjust front buckle clip (if PFD has one).

Step 5: MOVE AROUND! PFD's feel different once you're moving around and not standing in one upright position. We encourage you to move around and mimick any motions that you'll commonly be doing in your PFD (e.g. paddling, turning sideways or bending over). 

Step 6: You want to make sure the front portion of the PFD is centered on your chest - not sitting too high to interfere with your chin and neck mobility or sitting too low that it inhibits torso mobility. Now, Enjoy! 

Tip: Make sure you leave some room to be able to layer clothing underneath! A smaller size may feel fine with just the t-shirt you're wearing but with a sweater, jacket or splash top underneath it may be too snug. Want to see what it feels like with a sweater or jacket on but didn't bring on with you? No problem, you can try your PFD on with one of the many items in our clothing section! 

For a full size chart for all Salus Marine Wear, see  here

Not sure what PFD is right for you and you're intended activities? Check out Salus Marine Wear's  Cross Reference Guide for some guidance or give us a call! Any Fogh Marine employee would be happy to assist you.  

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