RS Demo Day wrap up from the folks at Fogh Marine.

Let's start this one off by saying THANK YOU to the weather gods who held off the rain and provided good breeze and lots of sunshine all day long! Get Out On The Water Day 2015 was a great success! What an awesome day to be out on the water, enjoying the weather and sailing the RS boats.

Everyone was super excited and eager to take the new RS Aero for a spin. The conclusion from everyone after they sailed it?  "Man is that thing fast!" I think it's safe to say, it's popularity will only continue to rise. Besides the RS Aero, there was lots of excitement for the other RS boats there (e.g. the Vision, Feva and Cat 16). All of which had tons of action with people taking them for a spin and seeing what sailing is like! 

Fogh Marine would like to send a very big thank you out to our co-host's: Sailing Fanatics and Outer Harbour Centreboard Club! Without you guys, this day would not have been the success that it was and all of us are truly grateful for your help and support. Get Out On The Water Day went off without a hitch! 

Fogh Marine would also like to send out a thank you to all those who came out, went for a sail and supported not only the event but also the sport of sailing and all those involved with making this day/event possible - Sailing Fanatics, Outer Harbour Centreboard Club, Ontario Sailing, and ROW Ontario. 

Below are some shots from the event, for more pictures check out Fogh Marine's Facebook page. For more info on sailing lessons with Sailing Fanatics, check out their website.

Until next year, happy sailing! 

RS Cat 16

RS Feva

RS Aero

RS VIsion

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