Evan tells us about his favourite muli-tool from Leatherman.

Skeletool Leatherman

The Leatherman Skeletool

Looking for an awesome new knife? The boys at Leatherman have got you covered.

Although the Leatherman Skeletol has been released for a couple years it remains to be one of the best all round knives that is bundled with some amazingly useful tools.

Leatherman products include a 25 year warranty guarantee on the tools.

Leatherman Skeletool Close Up

The Skeletool’s compact design houses a total of seven tools.

When unfolded the skeletool’s pliers are exposed. Made of high carbon stainless steel these pliers are incredibly strong yet corrosion resistant.

They feature needlenose pliers, regular pliers as well as hard-wire cutters and wire cutters.

Other features include a screwdriver with multiple head options, and the all-important bottle opener combined with a carabineer.

The Skeletool also features either a combo serrated-regular knife combo, or a regular straight blade knife depending on which model of Skeletool is selected. Both blade options include the safety blade locking feature.

There are two different versions of the Skeletool, the first one displayed above is the regular stainless steel Skeletool. The regular Skeletool features the combo blade mentioned above.

Leatherman Skeletool CX

The other model is the Skeletool CX. Similar to the regular model it features a stainless steel body, although it is painted black with a DLC-coating.

The main difference between the regular Skeletool and the Skeletool CX is in the material of the steel blade. The regular Skeletool uses 420 stainless steel in the blade, where the Skeletool CX uses upgraded 154 CM stainless steel in the blade.

The benefits of 154CM steel over 420 is that typically the 154CM blade will retain its edge for longer due to the production method which yields smaller carbides in the 154CM’s steel. The Skeletool CX’s blade can hold its edge up to three times longer than the normal Skeletool with the 420 steel.

Both blades offer benefits and drawbacks. The Skeletool CX’s straight blade holds it edge longer and is easier to sharpen but the straight blade does cut through rope of webbing as easily as a serrated blade. The normal Skeletool with the serrated blade is more difficult to sharpen due to the unevenness of the blade, but it cuts through rope like butter.

Overall both versions of Leatherman’s Skeletool offer excellent equipment in a very attractive package. As an owner of the original Skeletool for the past four years I can same I have been extremely happy with the performance of the tool and well as the endurance and build quality of the materials. I would personally suggest the Skeletool to anyone looking for a great knife that can do a bit more.

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  1. Robert:
    Jan 13, 2016 at 02:39 PM

    If you use the knives on multi-tools a lot, the Skeletool is particularly unique. With other Leatherman multi-tools, the knife blades are just another accessory in a group of accessories. Some blades may be higher quality steel, be accessible from outside of the handle, and even deployable with one hand. All of that is great. At the end of the day however, the tool is general purpose and not designed around the sole dedicated usage of any one of the implements. The tools are generic and designed to accomidate all of their implements.

    Now there’s nothing wrong with that, and it’s a matter of determining your own priorities. That said, people who know premium folding knives will tell you that they are an entirely different animal. There’s a huge difference between a premium knife that is ergonomically designed for the sole purpose of functioning as a knife, as opposed to a generic multi-tool with a knife blade that is simply an accessory among accessories.

    What makes the Skeletool unique, is that the knife is arguably a primary dedicated tool. The pliers are more of an accessory. Although it's classified as a multi-tool, it handles more like a premium knife. All the ergonomics seem to be built around the dedicated usage of the knife. In spite of the pliers, it doesn't weigh any more than a typical premium knife of a comparable size. The Skeletool is really a nice handling knife that just happens to include a set of pliers and a screwdriver. If you use knives a lot, definitely check out the Skeletool. It totally redefines the “multi-tool.”

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