Louisa tells us about her favourite flip flop from the 2015 Sperry Collection: the Seafish Mariner.

After wearing these flip flops all summer long, practically everyday, I can honestly say these are my favourite flip flops out of all the pairs I've worn in the past 5 years (and trust me, there's been a lot.) The Seafish Mariner'sfrom Sperry quickly became my constant for summer footwear and as you all know, when I find something I really like that is fun and fashionable, I just have to share. Plus, they're still going strong! I haven't thrown them out yet - which for myself is an accomplishment as I usually go through at least one pair of flip flops per summer season. And yes, I know, you should wear 'more supportive' footwear for being on your feet all day but honestly, I'm just lazy in the morning and flip flops are easy.

Sperry Seafish Mariner

At first I was bit skeptical of them because I wasn't overly impressed with the last pair of Sperry flip-flops I got last summer (which was the first time ever!!) but this time I was pleasantly surprised. They quickly became my go to pair of flippers this summer, for a couple of reasons:

Weight. These were so light weight that it didn't even feel like I was wearing shoes, which usually isn't the case (in my experience). Either flip flops are heavy and clunky with support or light weight and flimsy with no support. But with the Sperry Seafish Mariner I found support wasn't compromised in spite of their light weight.

Colour. They were a good neutral colour, with just a little bit of pattern (to add that pazza, of course), that made them great for multiple outfits and overall everyday wear. These days there are a lot of patterns and colours for flip flops, and shoes in general, which make it hard to find a pair that can go with more than one outfit. The Seafish Mariner's were a great "go with everything without being boring" pair of flip flops that were fun, fresh and fashionable for all ages.

Overall fit. They weren't chunky or too thin in the upper strap, which meant my ankles weren't tired or sore after wearing them around for a couple of hours. The straps were, in my opinion, the perfect size for a casual and fashionable flip flop that didn't compromise comfort or support.

Grip. Never an issue or concern when I was wearing these - even in the rain. I knew I would always have that reliable Sperry grip whenever and wherever I was walking. And for someone who is clumsy and prone to slipping and sliding, the grip was awesome peace of mind.

Volvo Ocean RaceFrom the Volvo Ocean Race to Pan Am Medal Races to everyday life, these flippers have been with me every step of the way (yes, bad puns are my specialty) and have survived everything I've dragged them through. They really are the perfect combination of quality and style. I'd recommend these to anyone looking for a good pair of flip flops that will last for seasons to come.

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    Dec 03, 2015 at 10:46 PM

    Flip fops are an underrated marine product in the world of boating which is puzzling because they are so comfortable and handy to wear, not just on boats but even on land, when going out casual shopping or just chilling at home.

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