The guys of 6ix Match Racing give us their top 5 steps to take to get involved.

So you want to get involved in Match Racing? It’s about time.

 1. Come out for a trial during the Wednesday RCYC Match Racing night.

No membership needed. Here, you will fit right in because there are many sailors just starting out in the Match Racing sphere and there will be a coach to run some drills and practice races. If you are interested, contact 6ix Sailor Contact Us 

2. Fall in love with the tactical and boat handling intensity and sign up for the season.

If that’s not your interest then sign up for the awesome social aspect of the Match Racing community, with solid post racing skill debriefs and weekly social events.

3. Read Dave Perry's Match Racing playbook 

This is essentially the bible of the Tactical Match Racing Game! It is a dense read but presents multiple scenarios with action to take and outcomes for each stage of the race. Diagrams are easy to understand and really helpful in illustrating each scenario. This is essential for every Match Racer! View here:

4. Join an existing team or create a team of your own.

Teams usually consist of a minimum of 3 sailors as most events are sailed in the Sonar. Creating or joining a team is a lot easier than to you would think, especially when you take part in the Wednesday Match Racing nights. There will be some one there to plug you into a team or create a team around an experienced driver. But if you already have experience fleet racing then why not take that crew and make a team, you’ll definitely see an improvement in your boat handling and tactics by participating in Match Racing.

5. Start Competing 

Not only the easiest part of Match Racing but the most fun as you get to travel all around without the worry about bringing a boat with you. There are a few events here in Toronto each year – York Cup, Canadian Match Racing Championships – however, there are ton of events within driving distance of Toronto in the Northern United States, eg. Chicago, New York, Detroit, Sheboygan. Most of these events you just sign up for and you will have a spot. So get on out there and take part in the most intense side of sailboat racing! 

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