Kaenon Sunglasses: Eyewear Perfection

Everything you need to know about Kaenon sunglasses and what makes them different - and worth the price.

End Of The Season - Time To Inspect Your Rig

The rigging of your mast needs to be examined carefully for issues regularly. During the season it is difficult to do a thorough job with the mast stepped. As you put the boat away for the season take the time to look carefully at each component. This will make your spring setup more enjoyable and get you out on the water quickly next season.

Hans Fogh | March 8, 1938 - March 14, 2014

Remembering Hans Fogh - The Life and the Legacy

Melges 20 Main Halyards

Upgrading a stock Melges 20 main halyard.

CO2 Cartridges On Planes

There is a lot of confusion about traveling with an inflatable PFD. The Canadian Air Transport Security Authority has published the following guidelines

Kirby Torch Sailboat Is The Possible Successor To The Laser

After the announcement of the Kirby Torch sailboat as a proposed replacement for the popular Laser, we have had several concerned sailors contact Fogh Marine regarding the future of the class and the boat. The rumours are already starting to fly so we thought we would try to answer some of the questions from a sailor’s perspective.

Gill Grip Gloves

If you need Grip over Durability these Gill Grip Gloves will let you hold lines better than anything else I've ever tried

Kayak Repair Using West Systems G/Flex Epoxy

A step-by-step look at a repair to a polyethylene kayak scupper using West Systems G/Flex epoxy system

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